Intelligent Millionaires Network MUNICH

Our Team

Jennifer Pickhan - IMN Munich Club Owner


Jennifer Pickhan is a Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, TUV Certified Real Estate Appraiser & Financial Planner. She started her Real Estate career at the age of 20 with an internship at one of the top realtors in Europe in Mallorca. When she finished the study in business administration she joined the biggest construction company in the Mannheim area and worked in their Marketing & Sales department. Eventually she hunted down the possibility to join a start up in the development of shopping centers, where she did all their financial calculation, lease contract negotiations and was responsible for the apprentices. 2017 she founded LegacyBuilders Global where she works on educating people about real estate and helping them to make their first steps investing in it.

Jan-Marc Pickhan - IMN Munich Club Owner


Jan-Marc Pickhan is a leadership expert who has 10 years of leadership experience, by his beginning 30s. In his career he has built multiple teams out of suppliers, contractors and staff. He has the experience in building local teams as well as building an international team of experts with team members in Japan, Singapore, Spain, Germany, France, USA and Canada. A true global championship team by a lot of means. For his drive and performance, he was selected to two leadership programs in 2011 and 2016. Today he loves inspiring and helping others to become great leaders too. 2017 he founded LegacyBuilders Global with his wife and brings the corporate experience into the company.

Johannes Schäfer - IMN Munich Event Coordinator

Johannes Schäfer is a Senior Consulting Manager of LegacyBuilders Germany. He is specialized in client communication involving discussions how they can increase their positive cashflow and grow a fortune faster through Real Estate.

He is motivated by the motto: "Do everything it takes to make it work for the client.”

Kati Israel - IMN Munich Success Partner

Kati Israel is since 2016 RE/MAX Estonia regional trainer. She combines her love for the industry with her passion for international speaking. She has been repeatedly named as RE/MAX Estonia Top producing agent. With her extensive knowledge in the real estate industry, she has also been featured as a speaker in several international conventions and congresses in Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Las Vegas (USA).

Before getting into the real estate business, she was previously involved in Hotel business. However, her true passion is the real estate with her natural ability to train and coach other agents, managers and owners.

She has been known to have good communication skills, open, positive, friendly, and always learning more to get better.

Susan Schoening - IMN Munich Success Partner

Susan Schoening is currently to be found working in overdrive mode on two key aspects of her work:

1. The development of an automated coaching business and marketing system: soon to come to market. This system draws on my years in business and marketing and incorporates the mentoring and support that I give to coaches and wellness practitioners.

2. Conscious Life Strategist: combining Vedic Science with Western Coaching and Counselling.

She combines Eastern Philosophy and Psychology (Vedic Science) with Western Coaching, Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Techniques to provide a deeply insightful, highly individualised Self Discovery and Self Mastery programme. She works exclusively online and connect with clients from all over the world through skype and zoom sessions. Over the past five years, she has developed a wide digital library of meditations, online workshops and videos all designed to stimulate self-discovery and awareness.

Silke Buettner - IMN Munich Success Partner

Silke Buettner holds a diploma in business informatics. She trained and consulted globally for over 8 years in one of Germanys most successful corporates-

Today, Silke is a successful real estate investor, business angel, mentor and guide to her clients to personal freedom and financial independence.

The core of her philosophy is: “Who’s life am I living?”